We engage in the acceleration of key technological developments with societal impact, by developing industry leadership, creating new ventures and innovating global organizations.


Leadership & Vision Development

We drive cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder and global challenges with our forward thinking, critical reasoning and radical approach. We think with industry leaders and governance bodies to set the right directions and structure for short and long term results.

Product & Technology Leadership
Developing game changing design, product and technology strategies. 

Transformational Growth
Organizational redesign for long term relevance and growth.

Strategic Partnerships
Creating, facilitating and managing strategic partnerships and technology collaborations.

Governance & Regulatory
Expert opinions to drive (inter-)national  standards and regulations.

Portfolio Diversification
Entering adjacent markets or moving from commodities to specialties.



We offer a specific set of innovation related consulting services to accelerate integral innovation practice and maximize business development impact. Our contribution is hands-on, tailor-made and spans the innovation and business development practice from strategy & ideation to commercialization & valorization.

New Product-Market Combinations
Designing new products and materials and developing a new product mix. 

Strategic Roadmapping
Defining business development directions by aligning markets, products and technologies.

Business-Technology Assessment
Identifying market and technology potential. 

Business Acceleration
Developing new product or new market entry & activation strategies.

Technology Transfer
Facilitating IP licensing & acquisition opportunities.


Incubation & Venturing

We start and support new and scale-up ventures as well as organize corporate venturing activities. By activation of our global network and using our broad experience we facilitate growth and transformation. 

Business Acceleration
Activating our global network to accelerate technology development and sales.

Commercialization & Positioning
Expanding target markets and developing brand positioning strategies.

Strategic Partnerships
Finding technology collaborators, pilot customers and scale-up partners. 

Business Modelling & Planning
Creating and validating business plans and forecasts.