We combine long term vision, strategic insight and deep technical knowledge in a wide variety of industries. We work from both a material & technology perspective as well as from a market perspective. 

Our services and approach are applied in many sectors, contact us if you have specific enquiries. 


Advanced Materials

Developing and commercializing advanced materials and material platforms, including renewables, modified polyolefins, inorganic additives and specialty plastics.


Advanced Technologies

Innovating and accelerating the implementation of advanced technologies, such as 3D printing, nanotechnology and printed electronics.



Focusing on sustainability, shelf life optimization, safety and integrated functionality.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Moving towards a tailor-made, personalized and user friendly healthcare industry. 

Building & Construction

Durable and sustainable constructions and infrastructure with integrated cross-industry technologies.

Advanced barrier.
Smart and active packaging.
Biobased materials.

Anti-counterfeiting packaging.
Mobile drug delivery devices.
Glass and PVC replacement.

Water purification membranes.
Single-layer anti-corrosion coatings.
Smart ports.


Circular Economy & Recycling

Connecting end-markets and redesigning products and value chains with the end in mind.


Finding new markets for composites, blends and compounds.


Consumer Products

Validating material and technology potential in diverse markets, from appliances to aerospace.

Multilayer packaging recycling.
Composites recycling. 
Industrial & demolition waste.

Thermoplastic composites.
Elastic fiber reinforcement.

Low shrinkage plastics.
Flame retardancy.