PACE Business Partners is a boutique consultancy and venturing company, with a focus on new material and technology development and commercialization. 

Radical Innovation

As ingrained in our logo, PACE behaves as a free-radical. We specialize in the development of game changing innovations and business strategies, we facilitate long term business transformation, and we valorize explorative research. 


Bringing a diverse global network, in-depth business and technology knowledge and a no-nonsense approach, PACE accelerates cross-sector collaborations, material and product development, and commercial processes to drive global impact. 

Network and Associates

PACE is a modern, flexible, and networked organization. We collaborate closely with a diverse set of specialists as project associates, associated partner organizations, or companies with shared visions.

Industry Experts

Industry veterans and forward thinkers with specialist knowledge of materials, manufacturing or end markets. 

Academia & Research

Leading universities and institutes working on the forefront of developing game-changing technologies. 

Incubators & Start Ups

Corporate and governmental incubators or individual start-ups developing new ventures. 

Industry Associations

Material- and application-specific industry associations that bring a holistic view on specific markets and activate crowds. 

Intellectual Property

Agencies providing IP landscaping, IP strategy and IP filing processes. 

Certification & Testing

Testing laboratories for specific material, technology and life cycle validation, verification and certification. 


Investment Firms

Early stage, growth or large capital investment firms supporting advanced technological developments and FDI management organizations. 




Marianna Sarkissova
Managing Director,
Strategic Partnerships & Transformational growth 

Rick Passenier
Innovation Management & Sustainability

Jaap Schut
Director Americas,
(Bio)Chemistry, Coatings & Adhesives

Sultan Al-Bussaidi
Director Middle East


Evgeny Rezunenko
Aerospace & Composites

Akihiko Kumaoka
Fibers & Composites, Lead Japan

Purvi Jha
Sustainable Energy

Edward Petrie
Adhesives, Sealants & Coatings


Berend Tillema
Sustainable Farming

Guilherme Manzatto
Oil & Gas

Michael Kappler
Automotive & Procurement

Wessel van Keulen
Food & Agriculture