Services & Activities

PACE Business Partners combine a radical vision on key topics with deep technical expertise and strong strategic insight. We offer strategic consultancy and we support new ventures, SMEs and corporations in reaching global impact.

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Leadership Development 

We drive cross-sectoral, multi-stakeholder and global issues with our forward, creative thinking, critical reasoning and long term vision.


We engage in a diverse set of innovation related consulting services to accelerate and maximize output of innovation practice, technology development and commercial impact.

Incubation & Venturing

We start and support new and scale-up ventures as well as organize corporate venturing activities. By activation of our global network and using our wide experience we facilitate growth and transformation.

Product & Technology Leadership
Transformational growth
Strategic Partnerships
Portfolio Diversification
Governance & Regulatory

Strategic Roadmapping
Business-Technology Assessment
New Product-Market Combinations
Business Acceleration
Technology Transfer 

Business Modelling and Planning
Network Activation
Strategic Partnerships 

Markets & Industries

PACE Business Partners are committed to the development of a more harmonized environmental, industrial and innovative manufacturing landscape. We specialize in working in the materials, manufacturing and design related industries. We work with cross-industry and cross-value chain partnerships or for individual organizations. 

Materials & Chemicals 

We work with manufacturers and inventors to fully utilize the potential of innovative and advanced materials and chemicals. From developing next generation market-driven material platforms to differentiation and positioning strategies. 

Manufacturing & Design 

We connect technology, products and markets for technology providers, converters and brand owners. We develop product visions and strategies, and accelerate adoption of new technologies with focus on innovation, sustainability, and circularity. 

Policy & Governmental 

We work with forward looking governmental bodies, industry associations and research institutes to drive complex innovation matters. We shape development horizons and policy and facilitate high-level partnerships and targeted FDI. 

Petrochemicals, rubbers and engineering plastics
Biobased materials
Blends, compounds and composites

Material-product combinations
Product and manufacturing strategy
Circular economy
Plastics processing and recycling

Economic diversification
Technology incubation and transfer
Investment strategy

Global Impact

PACE and its associates have established a global footprint of activities with leading and scale-up organizations and a strong expert network with which we contribute to innovation challenges around the world.